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Ready To Ship: Satyrs & A Nymph Entwined in A Vine Print

Ready To Ship: Satyrs & A Nymph Entwined in A Vine Print

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Introducing our exquisite limited edition print: "Satyrs & A Nymph Entwined in A Vine Print." Limited to just 33 pieces, this captivating artwork combines intricate line and dot work to create a mesmerising scene.

Painstakingly illustrated with precision and attention to detail, each print is meticulously produced on the finest quality 310GSM paper, ensuring durability and longevity. The artwork depicts the enchanting encounter of satyrs and a nymph, gracefully entwined amidst lush vines, evoking a sense of timeless beauty and mystique.

To add a touch of exclusivity, each print is hand-signed and numbered by Hannah, making it a unique and collectible piece of art. Whether adorning your living space or adding to your art collection, "Satyrs & A Nymph Entwined in A Vine Print" is sure to captivate. We recommend a good frame and a block mount!

Slightly smaller than A1 in size!
Don't miss your chance to own a piece of artistry that transcends boundaries and beckons the imagination - inspired by a woodcut piece from the 1500's by Sebald Beham. 


Please note that this item is sold on a pre-order basis. All prints will be shipped during the first week of April 2024. Free shipping is available worldwide. 

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