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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the “with love” privacy policy. We like to keep your personal information private because at the end of the day we want to keep your information safe. We are going to explain how and why we need to take information from you to process your orders as well as keeping you up to date with all and everything we do.


  1. What personal information we collect about you and why?

The main information we collect from you is information that helps us to process your order. When you order with us we need to know your email address, address and phone number (we do not always need to take phone numbers). Firstly we need your email address so we can send you updates on your order for example your order number, your confirmation order email and when your order is being shipped. This is helpful to both of us because we can keep track on the progression of your order and it acts as a proof of purchase, an equivalent of a receipt.

Secondly, we need your address to be able to send your item too. It would definitely be a harder job for us to get your order to you without an address!

Thirdly, we may take a phone number to contact you if there are any problems with your order but this is not essential because we have your email.

You provide us with this information once you place an order. This information will not be taken from you unless you place an order with us or you sign up to our newsletter. If you sign up to our newsletter we will only need your name and email address not your phone number or home address.


  1. What we do with your personal information?

We use your personal information to process orders. Your information is stored on our Shopify account, which is the provider for our Ecommerce store. Our Shopify account is password protected so only those authorised to use our Shopify can access this information. Don’t worry we have a small, trusted team that access our Shopify because we need them to view this information so your orders can be processed. Sometimes we may have to take your email address or phone number to contact you from Shopify but otherwise we will not need to.

We do copy and paste your address so that we can print your shipping labels once you have ordered with us but we do not save your address. We also print out your order form that we put into your order; again this is not saved anywhere and printed directly from Shopify.


  1. Who we share your personal information with and why?

We need to share your personal information with our team to start with so we can process your orders. Our customer care team need access to your order and order information incase we need to make changes to your order or address, or for information for you regarding your order. Our customer care team are those who issue refunds and deal with exchanges so this is why they need to be able to access your information on Shopify.

Your information is also saved on the Shopify platform, who we need to keep our website ticking over and producing great products for you. You can view Shopify's privacy policy here:


  1. How we keep your personal information secure?

 We do this by making sure our Shopify, customer care email and newsletter provider all are securely password protected and are only used by our team that need to access this information. If they don’t need to access your personal information than we won’t let them.


  1. How long we keep your information for?

We will only keep your personal information for a limited period of time. This period will depend on a number of reasons, such whether we still need to deliver to you, or you have an account with us, or we are providing on going customer care to you. Sometimes we must also keep your information by law, to deal with a regulator or where required by our insurers. We delete your personal information at your request where possible and we won’t keep it for longer than we should or need to for the provision of a service and for communicating with you.


  1. Your rights about your data.

You are more then welcome to contact us at any time to know what data we keep on you. You can contact us to access and correct your details, in some cases to ask us to limit or stop our use of them and even to delete them.  If you have signed up to our marketing newsletters you can unsubscribe yourself at anytime. If you still seem to be receiving these but you opted out then please email us straight away.

Contact us via: please add: “data enquiry” to the subject so we know that it’s an important email to be responded too.


  1. Personal emails and marketing emails.

When you submit your email to us for your order you have an option where you would like to sign up to our newsletter. If you opt out of this we will only email you with information about your order for example your confirmation email, shipping notification email and any other order updates. We might also have to contact you from our customer care email if there is a problem with processing your order and this is the best way to contact you.

If when placing your order you opt into receive our newsletters or enter your email address into the footer of the website then we will contact you with our marketing email newsletters. We do understand you may change your mind so you can unsubscribe from these at any time using the unsubscribe button on the email that is sent. If you still are receiving these after you have unsubscribed then please contact and we will manually remove you.


  1. Extra information

 We are a small company that does our best to keep up with the day-to-day ins and outs of a business. If you feel you want to contact us about any of the above or you are concerned about your data we will happily help you.

 Please remember to disclose no personal data in regards to “with love” with any other email addresses, our official email address for the customer care team is our official Instagram is @hannahpixiesnow which is run by Hannah herself and not the customer care team so you should email any order enquires to the customer care team email. Do not disclose any personal or order information on Instagram or to any other emails.