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What Goes Around - Tee

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    Super limited edition as always; these shirts are only available to purchase for 72 hours. Ethically & sustainably made to order, by hand, with love all the way from our community in Nepal! This one was designed in collaboration with my bahini (little sister), Sristi. 

    These pieces are available online for this collection only. We do not remake old designs, in a bid to keep they cycles of good karma and inspiration flowing! See size chart for exact dimensions of shirt sizes. Hannah wears an XS. 

    Please allow up to one month for delivery, depending on whereabouts you are located in the world! & we DO ship worldwide. 

    The swastika is one of the worlds most interesting symbols, one that we would all benefit from understanding deeper. The earliest known swastika is from 10,000 BCE. It comes in so many styles and meanings, & can be found throughout innumerable cultures – throughout the ages & across the world. See product images for a handful of these limitless variations. In England for example, neolithic or Bronze Age stone carvings of the symbol have been found. We were middle stone age-hunter gatherers, at this time. Still semi nomadic. 

    The word swastika is derived from the Sanskrit swasti, which is composed of:

    • Su (सु) – meaning good, well/auspicious
    • Asti (अस्ति) – meaning "it is” or "there is"

    Literally our most ancient human language translates the swastika to ''It IS good.'' (Or well!)

     ''All IS well.''

    The swastika is a blessing.

    We have to pose the question, if all is matter and vibration, with words creating our reality; is it really any wonder as to why the pure and simple, yet immense power of this most ancient sacred symbol was utilised, & most importantly, inverted) ~ in an attempt to corrupt and misdirect the flow of energy?

    Ancient symbology carries so much energetic weight behind it. So many millions of people, over tens of thousands of years, putting their thoughts and intention into a symbol & what it represents. To allow one individual to steal & sabotage the immense power of something so sacred, throughout not only one, but throughout ALL cultures, throughout all of our known human history... is the ultimate shame. 

    Love to all my brothers and sisters around the East, who still use this sacred symbol daily. May you always wear this symbol in peace and power.

    & Love to all my brothers and sisters in the West, who may want to find out more regarding what other ancient knowledge has been omitted from our history books, in order to create further confusion and ultimately, division, between us all as humans.

    Whenever we close ourselves off to all of the other realities that exist outside of our own bubbles, we remain attached to the religious teachings, varied cultural conditionings, caste-class systems, & narrow belief systems that we have all been raised on and in. It is our own responsibilities to re educate ourselves at this point.

    Knowledge is power. 

    we would also like to mention as often as possible, & with full transparency for those who may have missed the memo – all purchases made on this site right now, are helping directly to raise the necessary funds to complete construction of our Living & Learning Centre for Natural Living Alternatives, in Nepal. Progress videos of construction can be found on our Patreon 

    & the @samadhi.community.nepal instagram, linked. Thank you for helping to make our shared dream a reality.

    Love you!


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